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A Little Bit About Who We Are
Founded in 2005, Mt. Nittany Outfitters offers affordable and quality backpacking, boating, climbing, camping, fishing, hunting and winter sports gear! Our mission is to offer you fast, dependable service at a great price. This is more than just our goal; it is our #1 Priority. Shop with Mt. Nittany Outfitters and let us exceed your expectations! 

Order by 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time, and we will rush to get your product out the door the same day. If you need advice on anything related to the outdoors - planning a trip, which product will best fit your needs, etc - send us an email our experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable sales staff is always ready to help! 

Mt. Nittany Outfitters, is based in Lemont, Pennsylvania, just minutes from Downtown State College and The Pennsylvania State University. We carry over 20,000 products and offer unbeatable prices and service.

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